Good Character & Citizenship

Our members treat others with respect, demonstrate civility, serve others at the Club or in the community, and understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens.
Manadoob, ages 9-12
Manadoob provides a non-threatening environment for children to improve self-esteem while they learn through the use of multi-cultural characters, animals and imagination in the form of educational play.

Torch Club, ages 11-13
Torch Club is a small group of Club members who focus on the development of character and leadership skills. Through participation in the Torch Club program, members can become caring, competent leaders who embody the values that are basic to the American heritage.

Keystone Club, ages 14-18
Building leadership through academic success, community service and career preparation is the focus of The Keystone Club! It provides opportunities for teens to be involved, strengthen leadership skills, help plan Teen Center events and fundraisers and help the community through service learning projects. Teens can join the club to challenge themselves while having fun and to make our community better!

Leaders in Training (LIT), ages 13-18
Leaders-In-Training (LIT) is for members ages 13 to 17. Through this program, our youth learn the virtue of handling responsibility, self-discipline, and teamwork. LIT’s assist our young Club members, lead recreational activities, and provide additional support. They gain valuable work experience and explore educational and career opportunities through personal guidance and career development workshops.

Triple Play Leadership Club, ages 10-18
The Triple Play Leadership Club challenges members to maintain physical fitness and form positive relationships with youth. They model healthy, active, lifestyles and assist the Club and community in providing other youth with opportunities to improve their physical and social well being.

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), ages 16-18
Club members learn how to start their own business so they can be their own boss and are empowered to create their own successful career. While in NFTE, members learn what it takes to start and operate a business. After creating a business plan, members will present it to a panel of judges and compete for cash prizes. Participants can earn up to $500 for taking part in this program.

Youth of the Year, ages 14-18
Youth of the Year participants embody the values of leadership, service, academic excellence and healthy lifestyles; they exemplify the critical impact of Boys & Girls Clubs on the lives of young people. Through this year long recognition program, young people showcase their talents and achievements, share their hopes and dreams, and work toward a bright and positive future.