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Board of Governors

Lisa Alexander


Aimee Goldberg

Amy Foo

Arthur Antin

Bettina Duval

Bill Dawson

Blake Nakamura

Brandon Stewart

Brittany Stewart

Cindy Leuty Jones

David Sanford

Kevin Doyle


Michael Taitelman

Vice President

Dennis Lam

Dorothy Menzies

Farhaad Wadia

Jason Meugniot

Jeremy Lappen

Jonathan Watts

Karl Walter

Katherine Smith

Tom Larmore

Jennifer Gordon


Lloyd Torgerson

Nathaniel Trives

Nicole Sams

Paul Leoni

Robert Sullivan

Stacy Gottlieb

Steven Litvack

Steven Macko

Susan Gabriel Potter


Brynja Seagren

Chief Executive Officer

Alison Raitt

SVP of Philanthropy


We are a team of mission-driven individuals with a passion for creating great futures for America’s youth. Our collaborative culture fosters an inclusive and diverse environment.


The Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica is committed to building an inclusive team & strongly encourages candidates with diverse backgrounds and identities to apply.

We will prioritize filling these positions with qualified candidates who reflect our youth through lived experience as someone from a marginalized community or with diverse and intersecting identities including race, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic background, and more.