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Playground Club


Playground Club is an afterschool supervision program for Grades 1-5 youth on Santa Monica-based elementary campuses operating from school dismissal until 4:30pm Mon-Fri.

This service provides trained Youth Development Professionals to supervise students when parents or guardians need additional time to pick up their child after school or if there is a break between the time of school dismissal and when the child’s sports or other afterschool activity begins.  Students must be enrolled in and supervised by an afterschool program in order to remain on campus after school hours.

We ensure high-quality supervision and structure in an inclusive and positive environment for all children so they can play, socialize, have fun – and be a KID! This program is a partnership with the City of Santa Monica and Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District.

Dr. Michael Haggood, Playground Club Manager, at (310) 361- 8500, mhaggood@smbgc.org or register online below. (Please note sibling discounts must be done over the phone).