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John Adams Middle School Branch (JAMS)


Summer registration is now open at JAMS!

The JAMS Branch will serve middle schoolers in grades 6 – 8 this summer, offering essential, high-quality programs strategically focused on healthy lifestyles, character and leadership, and workforce readiness.  

Each week includes activities focused on Enrichment in the Arts and Sciences. Youth will unleash their imaginations through programs designed to inspire creativity and spark innovation. Find what excites you—from Architecture and Digital Music Production to Animation and Science Inventions! 

Summer programming: June 17 – July 12 | Monday – Friday | 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

Week 1: June 17 – June 21 (closed June 19)
Week 2: June 24 – June 28
Week 3: July 1 – July 5 (closed July 4 and July 5)
Week 4: July 8 – July 12

Cost: Tuition is free for existing members, and $50 for new members | Full scholarships are available!

JAMS caters to our middle school students, tailoring programs to meet their academic and creative interests.

It serves an ethnically diverse and mixed socio-economic status population of 6th-8th graders in the Santa Monica Unified School District. This Club provides a rigorous academic support program to ensure our kids are on track and ready for high school. JAMS also maintain strong leadership and community service programs.

Our Club offers a safe and supportive space for kids to come after school and during the summer. They will enjoy a state-of-the-art technology center, music studio, Games Room and a Learning Center full of educational resources that help members complete their homework and school projects. Additionally, we have a full-size gym and outdoor blacktop where members enjoy basketball, volleyball and other sports and activities. The Club also features an exclusive teen space for our young leaders to socialize and watch movies, complete homework, work on college applications, read, play games or just relax. We offer impactful programs ranging from homework help & tutoring to robust STEM courses, career exposure, nutrition, arts, leadership & community service, as well as a wide variety of athletics and dance. With supportive and trained Youth Development Professionals, we foster kids’ passions and help them connect those interests to meaningful higher education and career pathways.All members receive healthy snacks or meals daily.

Our ultimate goal is to create GREAT FUTURES.

It takes a Village

JAMS Clubhouse is built on connecting with our families and their children in a way that promotes their continued success. The caring staff on site are monumental to creating an atmosphere for this location which feels like a home away from home. We are here to serve as an extension of your family – a part of your Village!

Strong School Connection and Partnerships

This school-based site has developed a strong partnership that provides synergy between the school and Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica. Staff work in close conjunction with school administrators, teachers and personnel to provide an addition to the school day experience. Through specialized tutoring and daily academic assistance, we provide an environment for your child to succeed. We add impact to the school day by offering an assortment of activities during weekly lunch periods and a unique experience for after school and minimum days. Hope to see you soon!

Created Experiences for a Transformative Time

With local partnerships and more, youth who attend will benefit from various created opportunities that allow your child to explore, experience and decide what their interest will be. Through programs and opportunities that offer youth experiences in Music Education, Appreciation for Performing & Visual Art, Sports & Athletic Competition, Love for Technology through Games & Software and Civic Engagement within Strong Leadership Programs & Mentoring – youth traverse pre-teen & teenage years with opportunities and options.


diverse members


believe they can stand up for what is right even if friends disagree


are setting and achieving goals


are active more than 60 minutes a week