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A Season of Thanks

By December 1, 2021No Comments

Written by Sam Cavalcanti, YDP

To say this year’s Thanksgiving week was unusual is an understatement. Just like school has returned to in-person sessions for most of our kids, this feast of thankfulness has also gotten people face-to-face for what is, for many families, the first time in almost two years. And these years haven’t been easy– in fact, when asked, an overwhelming number of our Middle School members listed “being alive” as one of the main things they are thankful for this year. Twelve year olds being too aware of their own mortality is an unfortunate but not unexpected consequence of recent global events, but their ability to face these fears with gratitude is a sure sign of emotional maturity, and I for one am thankful to witness first-hand such growth in today’s youth.

Upon returning to school after the long weekend, I was privileged to hear how some of their holidays went– youthful tales of family road trips, countless pumpkin pie slices, and much needed rest. Not all their Thanksgivings went perfectly, and while that’s not wonderful news, I am glad that some members felt comfortable enough to open up and share that with the staff. The holiday season is not easy for everyone, but we can do our best to make sure the moments in between are worth being thankful for.

With that in mind, our organization helped provide Thanksgiving meals to nearly 300 families this year– just a token of appreciation for all the moments they provide us with on a daily basis.