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Our 2016 YOY Candidates!
From left to right: Gloria, Yale, Mylan and Ola’Nike.
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica is thrilled to announce our 48th Annual Youth of the Year Candidates! Youth of the Year recognizes the achievements and contributions of extraordinary young people who have demonstrated service to the Club, community and family, as well as academic success and leadership abilities.



Mylan has been a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica for over 2 years. After high school, she plans to attend Columbia College in Chicago to pursue Performing Arts or Musical Therapy. Besides Club activities, she also participates in AYSO soccer and is a talented musician.
At the Boys & Girls Club, she participates in many programs including: Smart Girls, College Bound, and Keystone. It is participating in Keystone where she has been inspired to change the world. She realized that no matter how small her actions are, they will always make a difference in someone’s life. This summer, Keystone members ran the summer program for 6 year olds, from program development to implementation, with the guidance of staff. During this program, she developed patience and how to work better with others during difficult situations. Through the Club she has grown her self-confidence and her voice.

And here are our other awesome candidates who will serve as ambassadors for The Club for the rest of the year!


Gloria has been a member of the Pacific Branch of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica for 8 years. Next year, she plans to attend UCLA to pursue a degree in Psychology. At school, she is involved in Choir, a Human Rights Club, and takes several honors classes. She is also very active in her church.
When Gloria first started attending the Club, her mother literally shoved her inside the Club, due to her shyness. She was soon greeted by staff who made her feel welcome and comfortable. Throughout her years attending the Club, she has gone from being very shy to developing an outgoing personality and learning how to express her individuality. Gloria participates in Leaders in Training, Smart Girls, and Keystone. Through Smart Girls, she became aware of her self-value while Keystone has sparked her passion for helping others. The Club is a place where she is constantly being pushed and encouraged to reach her full potential.


Yale has been attending the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica for 6 years. After graduating from high school this year, he plans to pursue a career in the IT industry. During his junior and senior years, he has been the only student to receive a tech elective out of 2,800 students, working and solving technology issues at the school.
Yale has had a great opportunity to learn about repairing computers and meet great people throughout his time at the Club. At the Club and at school he is the Tech Guy – where he is an IT expert and helps people with their tech problems. His purpose in life is to fix computers and teach people to do new things with computers.


Ola’Nike has been a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica for 10 years. Upon graduating from high school, her goal is to attend San Diego State University to pursue a career as an Athletic Trainer. She is an honor roll student as well as the manager for the varsity football and freshman basketball teams at her school.
Ola’Nike says the Club has impacted her in a wide variety of ways. She currently participates in College Bound, Smart Girls, Leaders in Training, and is Vice President of the Keystone Club. Because of the myriad of programs and the acceptance she has been given, the Club has allowed her to grow and be herself while understanding and accepting the numerous differences of others. She has also participated in over 200 hours of community service. Growing up at the Club, Ola’Nike has had various opportunities to allow herself to become a better person which has contributed to every aspect of her life.