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WHO: Girls ages 7 to 14 years-old
WHAT: Girls’ Basketball League – Girls Biddy Basketball is designed to enhance the performance of the average skilled player to the most advanced basketball player. Each player will learn the basic FUNdamentals of the game as well as basic and advanced skills. Girls Biddy Basketball strives to teach the essentials of offense, defense, and basic strategies.
WHEN: Evaluation dates: Dec 12th & 19th at 2pm. League starts: Saturday, January 16 – March 5h, 2015-2016. Divisions are age based starting with the youngest, plays each hour starting at 12pm.
WHERE: Boys & Girls Club Of Santa Monica, 1238 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica
COST: $50.00 per player

SIGN-UP NOW at the Boys & Girls Clubs Of Santa Monica!