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Americorps Volunteer of the Month – April 2018

By April 25, 2018No Comments

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Monica, Mar Vista Gardens has grown into a destination of solace and joviality for the members that regularly attend the Club during program hours. The advancement of the Club’s efforts are the result of many factors, such as the overall dedication of the staff, and the youth’s willingness to buy into the the vision and mission of the organization. However, the greatest contribution to our development has been the time invested into our youth by community members. In celebration of National Volunteer Week, we gave thanks to these individuals while also introducing our “Volunteer of the Month” award to recognize the gift of giving that is delivered on a regular basis.

The first recipient of this award is Richard Boehm. Richard, like many volunteers, help young Club members with homework during “Power Hour”; often volunteering 2-3 times per week. His assistance, and positive reception from the youth, has led to the academic improvement of the students he helps. For his influence, and consistency, Richard Boehm is a worthy recipient of the inaugural prize.
(Write-up by Wayne Neal and Julissa Macias, our Americorps Volunteer Coordinators)

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