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Meet Graham Wills

80 for 80 Alumni Champion

Graham Wills

Club Alum and Senior Producer, MGM+

Graham Wills spent his early teens at Boys & Girls Clubs of Sana Monica. “It prepared me for the real world,” he explained. “I met so many diverse kids at the Club.” 

Now, Graham works as a Senior Producer at MGM+. He described his younger self as a shy kid who was “obsessed with movies.”  

He spent his time playing Nintendo, listening to Tupac, and watching Friends. Every day after school, he headed to Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica. 

“Both of my parents worked full-time, so they needed a safe and secure place for me to spend time,” he said.  

His parents didn’t have to worry, and Graham could have fun with his friends after school each day. They would hang out and play endless rounds of arcade games. He loved playing basketball outside and remembers how it felt the first time he dunked on the competition.  

“Most importantly,” he shared, “it kept me out of trouble! Had it not been for the Club, I would have been shoplifting down at the Promenade.”  

Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica was there for Graham during his formative middle school years, giving him a safe place to learn new skills and build positive relationships.  

“My friends who did not attend the Club lacked those experiences growing up, and it showed,” he said.  

We’re proud to still be providing kids like Graham with a safe, empowering place to make friends and build great futures. Graham is part of our 80 for 80 community, a group of alumni supporting Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica as monthly donors. Their consistent generosity supports our mission and allows us to continue being a solution for working families in Santa Monica.

You can join Club alumni as a monthly donor today! Celebrate your time at the Club by helping us equip the Club kids of today with the tools they need for tomorrow.