Front Desk Confident

By Sam Cavalcanti, YDP

This blog entry is dedicated to all the kids who decided to join me in the front desk this semester. For context, I often work that position at our John Adams Middle School (JAMS) site, taking temperatures, filling out COVID surveys, greeting parents, and keeping track of when kids enter and exit our facilities.

I am often not alone in these endeavors– since week one, there have always been students who are interested in helping me out. Their natural curiosity drove them to learn how our attendance tracking software works–it doesn’t sound like the most interesting task in the world, but their desire to help run the club they are members of has led me to take on several unexpected front desk apprentices this semester.

Like the member who wants to run a foster home when they grow up– a place with “no bullying, regular meals, and where they could help children with their homework”. Or the student who wants to earn Youth of the Month so badly (spoiler alert: they will soon). Or the Middle Schooler who has a crush on a classmate who makes them laugh. Or the kid who has calculated their GPA more times than they can count. Or the one who cried at a video about rainbows. Or the one who taught the other ones how to survive the front desk during the 3 PM rush.

If you are lucky enough to be in my position, where a child willingly offers to help you at your job while amusing you with their anecdotes and letting you into their life, you’ll see how fascinating, curious, hopeful, and smart children are.

It’s been my honor to be their front desk confidant these past few months of 2021. My gate is always open.