Career Path Dash Event Exposes our Youth to a Future with Hulu

By Sam Cavalcanti, YDP

We recently paired up with several volunteers at Hulu, the streaming service, for a Career Path Dash event that gave several of our teen members the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about working in entertainment. The volunteers work in a variety of fields including video editing, production, design, and marketing.

Middle and High Schoolers from all of our sites asked intriguing questions regarding higher education, the day-to-day life at a company like Hulu, and about the employee’s journeys and the activities they partook in their youth that helped shape their careers today. Some of the advice they shared with our members include “you are lucky to be able to take advantage of the Boys and Girls Club”, “surround yourself with friends who share your passions” and “keep an open mind– you never know what job you will really enjoy until you do it”.

Although our members are too young to worry about employment–nor do we want to pressure them to the point of anxiety–it is never too soon to begin dreaming about what kind of path will make them feel happy and fulfilled professionally. There are endless careers within entertainment and beyond that most people aren’t even aware exist, and Career Path Dash is an excellent way to expose them to the vast array of callings that may just tickle their ambition the right way.

If you or your company would like to sponsor a Career Path Dash, email info@bgclubdev