Business Partner Program



The Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica has one important thing in common with local businesses: we both thrive on the support of the local community. Today more than ever, community members know that supporting their local businesses and nonprofit organizations can have a real positive impact on their lives and of those of their neighbors.

That’s why we’ve created our Business Partnership program. Yes – it’s a means for us to secure volunteers and financial resources necessary to providing local kids a safe and nurturing environment that will help prepare them to have great futures. Equally important, it allows us to connect local businesses with our supporters and provide them with marketing benefits– both of which can help them build their businesses. A strong Club results in a stronger community. And a strong community results in a stronger Club.

A vibrant member of the community since 1944, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica counts on an engaged and committed community of board members, volunteers and community members to achieve our mission. We are also actively involved in local community organizations – including Buy Local Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, The Santa Monica Jaycees and more. These organizations, in turn, are strong supporters of the Club and our supporters.


We work with local businesses to develop a relationship structure that makes sense for both of us. Businesses can contribute to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica in a variety of ways.

  • Participate in employee volunteer day(s) and event(s)
  • Become involved in volunteer councils
  • Provide in-kind business services to the Club
  • Host social fundraising events
  • Conduct fundraising campaigns
  • Sponsor annual Club events
  • Fund and/or develop Club programs
  • Sponsor Club departments or locations


  • Expands your network among Club families, donors, partners and more
  • Sends a positive message to the community
  • Differentiates and builds esteem for your brand
  • Lifts Staff morale and productivity

Do you want to become a business partner? Contact  Janis Morse at (310) 361-8523 or  Read about our Business Partner giving levels here.

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